Multimedia Disk Traces

This page contains 55 trace files collected to study modern, multimedia workloads. The applications include a web browser, viewing photo galleries and streaming media recorders and players of various bitrates. The trace files were collected using a Linux 2.6 kernel with an ext3 journalling filesystem, and captured at the block driver level.

Download the traces (10.5 MB TAR-GZIP)

The trace files are stored in plain text, one request per line, with the fields separated by whitespace. The fields of the trace file:

Field Value
1 Timestamp, in seconds, with 6 decimal places
3 Block number on disk
4 Number of blocks requested
5 Block offset within inode**
6 File path**

** - Not all blocks contain file data. For requests which access filesystem structures or other non-file data, these fields are set to a dash.

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